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VISIBILITY /vɪzɪˈbɪlɪti/
the state of being able to see or be seen

Here's what recent Finding Famers (alumni) had to say...

Annis Bailey, Programme Manager at 
Shaa Wasmund MBE

Simone Tai,
Meditation & Public Speaking Teacher

Shelley Wilson
Midwife & Founder of Baybee Beginnings

Jessica has turned her 20+ years of skills & insight into a course that combines compelling live training, brilliant workbooks for self-study as well as exciting expert interviews. Jess really is the Queen of Seen. If you want your brand or business to be visible in 2021, sign up to Finding Fame (for Good) now.

I joined Finding Fame because I wanted learn how to get more visibility for my meditation & speaking business. I learned so much in just 6 weeks & highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn how to unlock your talents, refine your brand identity, learn how to pitch & raise your visibility. Jessica is a pro in her field & makes each session fun & digestible which is really important to me.

There was a lot of soul searching & I wasn’t expecting that - it makes you really focus on what you want to do, why you want to do it & who you want to do it with. The course is for anyone who wants to get visible, wants to get their name out there, wants to be seen as the go-to person. 

For someone who doesn’t come from that background at all, it was just brilliant. I saw my confidence grow & I loved it.

If you’ve ever been at an event & thought it could be you up on stage, or read a book & realised you could’ve written it, heard an interview on the radio & thought, that could be me, know that you can attract all of that & more & FINDING FAME (for Good) was created just for you. 




You're talented & brilliant, there's no doubt about that! But learning how to harness who you are & what magic you’ve got does not come naturally to most & that’s exactly what’s missing from where you are to where you know you belong to be. It’s time you learn to access those gifts & your talent within so you can focus on why you're doing what you're doing. You know you've got something special & not just because your bff tells you so!

You'll learn how to be the most bookable version of you in order to get the same attention you see everyone else getting. You'll be booked on podcasts, TV shows, get more clients, or write that book. You're ready for the recognition you deserve.

You want to change people's lives (like, for real) & share your passion, skills & knowledge to help elevate others. By understanding how to be more visible you can take you & your business to the next level, you'll reach more people & create maximum impact.


Are YOU ready to establish yourself as a go-to expert? 

Are YOU doing something amazing or have a great idea that no one knows about yet?

Are YOU struggling to get the recognition & audience that you deserve?

FINDING FAME (for Good) is an industry experts guide to harnessing your talent, discovering what makes you bookable, get more clients & helping you create impact, your way. This course is full of insights & practical tools to help you achieve the recognition & visibility you deserve & is specifically designed for anyone looking to gain the confidence to show up and show off (in the best possible way of course) to the world. This is NOT a one & done process, but rather a new way to see & position yourself & your genius so the world can discover you on repeat!

Imagine how it would feel to:

* Stand onstage at the next literary festival 
* Grow your audience to bring in new clients & customers
* Perform to a bigger audience
* Curate an event for your community, even hosted & led by you
* Be the go-to instructor for your sport
* Create a sell-out product that's loved by the experts
* Be invited to speak on podcasts, radio shows & talk shows
* To speak on stage alongside your favourite authors & speakers
* Work with the brand you’ve had on your vision board for years
* Pitch your novel over lunch with a publisher
* Have your face featured in your favourite magazines
* Sit on the sofa of a daytime show, sharing your expert advice
* Be the known go to expert in your industry without effort 

I bet you're great at what you do & super passionate about it. 
You're building a career you love & working towards bigger goals...ready for ultimate recognition from your industry.

This course is for you if you genuinely believe you have something to offer - be that a raw talent, a shrewd business idea, an experience or insight that’s rare - but struggle to get that across, be seen or have your full potential recognised. 

I will help you stand-out in an overcrowded market & teach you how to amplify your voice. 

Whatever your passion or expertise - a writer, therapist, chef, yoga teacher, thought leader, performer, healer, artist, author, interior designer or life coach - I'll show you how to get yourself seen by the decision makers, grow a fanbase & work with the clients of your dreams, because I believe you deserve huge recognition for your talents. 
FINDING FAME (for Good) gives you the guidance & support you need to gain the confidence, connections & clients to create the impact YOU know you can make.


Hello! I'm Jessica - celebrity & talent booker & business owner with more than 20 years experience in the TV industry. I've booked hundreds of celebrities & experts for the media, often helping them with pitching, messaging & preparing for appearances both on & off camera. I've worked with all the major networks, production companies, producers, commissioners & creatives on TV shows, live events, radio broadcasts, podcasts, magazines & secured some of the biggest national & international talent for all this & more...

I've booked & worked with the biggest names in entertainment. From Claudia Winkleman, Holly Willoughby, Katy Perry, Chris O'Dowd, James Corden, Tan France, Dawn French, Richard Ayoade, Russell Brand, Ed Sheeran, Ant & Dec, Adele, Mary Berry & so many more.

What I’ve learned the most in all of my experience is not 'just' how to pick & book talent but how to bring out the best in someone. A mix of skill, intuition & knowhow has honed my eye to not only see what someone has but to recognise the potential EVEN before they do. 

Over the years doing my own internal work, I’ve learned how much we all have a spark of magic that is ready to be unleashed & integrated into who we are & what we do ... & THAT is the most magnetic thing the world is waiting for from you. 

Nurturing, mentoring & discovering new talent is what fires me up the most & helping people step out from the shadows & into the spotlight is the gift I bring to the table. 

After years of elevating the careers of some incredible celebrities, I am super excited to share my insights & expertise with YOU here in Finding Fame (for Good) because I believe everyone has a talent & my job is to help you share yours with the world.

Your name is ready to be spoken about in rooms you've not stepped into yet. Being complimented on your work is one thing, but having that confirmed in bookings, sales & more clients is a game changer.


I want to appear as an expert on prime time TV
It's my dream to write for a top selling magazine
I want to be seen as the best in my field
I'd love to do a TED talk but that feels like a pipe dream
I'd like to be a household name
I know my product can sell & change people's lives
I know I can impact others with my talent
I'd love to be chosen as the host of my own radio show


I don't want to be famous
I don't feel like an expert in my industry 
I don't know how to harness my message
I don't know anyone in the media
I want to be front facing but I'm scared to be visible 
I don't have a website
I'm overwhelmed & don’t have the confidence in myself or my skills
I don't feel I have the authority to speak up

Being visible is what I preach & here’s why! You won't get the clients, create the impact or dare I say it, make serious ££ without it. 
Visibility is quite literally what leads to more eyes on you & your business, meaning: more people taking notice, more (ideal) clients, more showing up in the right places, more growing your audience both on & offline AND ultimately, being seen as the go-to's & leaders in your fields.  Bringing all of you forward & finding that secret sauce only you have will be the puzzle piece that helps you soar. 

My intention for this course is for you to be the voices of your industries where others aren't or can't speak out & up. 

It's my job to help you learn how to move through these fears & limitations (which are all solvable) & shift your mindset to help you bring that future to life. My expert knowledge & high profile connections put me in the ideal position to help you reach these career goals. 

I'll show you how to perfect your craft, market yourselves, grow your online presence & much more. I'll help you understand how to get in front of the right people. By knocking on the right doors you'll get into the inner circle of your chosen industries so you never feel overlooked in the opportunities department.

 I've seen first hand the impact of a single media moment & what that can do for someone's career. Let me help you build your reputation, really stand in your power & go from overlooked to overbooked.

From my recent Finding Fame Alumni 

Having left a 20 year corporate career I was new to niching & it made my head spin.  Jessica helped explain to me the importance of talking to one person. How if I narrowed my market I’d find more of my ideal clients who needed me. If you’re spinning in niche drama Jessica will help focus your mind & guide you in the right direction

Rachele Summers - Life Coach

 I had my FIRST audition for a children’s tv presenter for a well established company in children’s education programmes. I saw the job & had my pitch ready to go! I wouldn’t have had the confidence in my pitch if it wasn’t for Finding Fame (for Good) & I feel so accomplished! 

Rachel Ivy, Creator & Presenter of IVY TV. 

'Taking part in Finding Fame has been a real game changer for me. I've never seen myself as the type of person to take part in courses because I've never been sure of what I need help with. But this gave me so much clarity in my goals, talents, motivations & next steps. I've discovered that seeking fame is about much more than having my face printed in a magazine; for me, it's about being visible in my industry. Jessica's guidance & in-depth knowledge of the media industry has helped me to set out my values for my brand & stick by them. We had plenty of opportunities to get creative & have fun with our roadmap to our version of success. Jessica was always on hand & quick to answer any questions we had around our career goals & her knowledge of working with & booking talent is unrivalled. After completing Finding Fame, I feel so much more confident & clear on what I can do to get to be more visible & get booked. This was a really holistic & enjoyable experience & I'm excited for what successes may come my way (& are already coming to me) as a result of this course.'

Mary Mandefield - Speaker, Presenter & Creative

Through doing Finding Fame (for Good) I feel like I know & can say clearly & confidently what I do. Which, after 9 years of trying to get to that feels incredible. 

Knowing that I can help people is what drives me now. Before, I was unintentionally selfish, it was all about the job for me & to make a living. It’s built my confidence up a lot.

I’ve never had the real visibility I know I’ve needed to progress. Knowing what my purpose is now & the passion behind my career, I feel like visibility is coming in ways I’ve never experienced before. People are reaching out, speaking to me, responding to me, because I’m presenting myself in a way that is completely genuine & from the heart.

Doing this course (has) opened everything up & created the visibility that I never had before.

Charlotte Jones - Grief & Relationship Guide

I was struggling with getting myself out there & getting out my comfort zone & being the face. I was in a leader position but not comfortable with being visible. The timing was perfect. I’ve had so much more confidence doing IGTV, reels, Facebook lives. My business is thriving & my confidence is through the roof. My team feel much more supported & I’m much more present. I’ve become much more comfortable with seeing my face, hearing my voice, being present, standing in the light & becoming a leader. I would definitely encourage anyone who’s thinking of doing this course to do it. It isn’t just about fame, it really gets you to get to grips with who you are, where you’ve been, where you’re going, what you’re values are, what you’re moving towards. 

It’s really improved my confidence, I’ve grown my network at a time when other people’s are shrinking. I’ve still got a week to go before the end of the month but I’m already £15,000 up in sales than I was in the previous November. You really should get involved with Finding Fame, it’s life changing.

Elizabeth Fox, Beauty Brand Executive 



IN FINDING FAME (for Good) You Will Learn:

  • The 3 key PILLARS at the heart of FINDING FAME which form the foundations to achieve success
  • My 4 step unique B.A.N.G method to help you understand yourself & the industry to get you the jobs you want
  • To bust media myths that’ll change the way you see the industry (& accelerate you forward)
  • ​The booking & casting process so you really 'get' what decision makers look for when it comes to booking talent
  • ​To find your voice, pitch & communicate clearly, effectively & authentically
  • ​To turn your uniqueness into your superpower & eliminate your inner critic 
  • ​How to create soulful, long lasting relationships & connections with your audience, decision makers & clients






A conscious, holistic overview of you!
Delivered in two parts, this module is all about getting clarity on who you are & what you represent. I'll introduce you to the BANG method & the 3 key pillars - Talent - Bookability - Impact - to give you an understanding of the building blocks you need to achieve ultimate visibility. You'll reflect on your story so far, begin to nail your own narrative & establish what’s important to you. You'll identify what makes you tick as well as what you have to offer the world in order to be the most authentic you & attract the right clients. This is a deep dive into the inner workings of you.

Understanding your industry is key to staying at the top of your game & positioning yourself correctly encourages & maximises opportunities. You’ll start to unpick current trends & learn what decision makers are looking for when it comes to keeping you relevant & bookable. And, most importantly looking at how & where you fit in the marketplace. You will familiarise yourself with the movers & shakers in your field, discover what works & more importantly, what doesn’t. We'll also dispel any misconceptions & fears around the concept of fame & help you understand the ways in which you can create real impact through increased visibility & recognition in the way that works for you. 
Having delved into discovering more about yourself & your industry in Modules 1 &2, now is your chance to get really clear on how you can stand out & get noticed. You will identify what makes you uniquely you, therefore limiting your competition, but not limiting your opportunities! You’ll see how you & your secret skills can become your brand & attract your ideal clients. We'll look at how to keep you moving with the times even when you’re niching. You’ll learn the importance of setting boundaries when it comes to your business whilst still growing your audience - even during a pandemic!


By now you should have all the tools in your toolkit necessary to establish yourself as the industry expert, so now it’s time to help you start using your voice confidently & with conviction. We want you to become your own best publicist, saving money in the process & speaking directly to those who matter. We’ll explore what it takes to be seen as an authority in your industry by learning how to sell & pitch yourself & practice your public speaking skills, bringing in specialists who teach this stuff to the presenters & experts for  living - even if we're talking about helping you get confident for your very first Zoom!

*NEW FOR 2021*

As the saying goes, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, & it couldn’t be more true! Often this is the part that holds people back the most - you feel like you just don’t know anyone. In the second part of this module, I’ll not only show you how to leverage the power of your existing community but also take action to establish a wider network & start to fill your ‘Little BANG Book’ with exciting, genuine relationships with the powers that be. We’ll explore how to network & communicate both on & offline (especially during a pandemic!) in a way that feels natural & doesn’t involve a cold coffee & a custard cream. You’ll start to perfect your pitch & learn how to write killer emails.
*NEW FOR 2021* 
This is about creating a visual identity for you & your brand. Here we will establish how you want your business to look & most importantly feel when it comes to putting yourself out there. This is everything from your messaging & your tone as well as the colours & images you use - all the fun stuff! This is the time for you to put pen to paper & get creative, bringing your values into you brand identity which truly reflects you & your business. You will leave this module with a portfolio you are proud of, ready to share as soon as the phone rings!  Plus you'll learn to identify (& navigate) the right platforms & media outlets for you & your business by creating content that sells.

*NEW FOR 2021*

This week, you'll bring together everything you've discovered, unravelled & written about yourself along the way. Having learnt the value of using your voice for good, in our grand finale sesh you'll have the chance to pitch yourself to your fellow Finding Famers. Even if it’s the first time you’ve ever said a word on zoom, you'll be so well rehearsed & prepped for this by the end of the course you'll be readier than you ever know! 

PLUS these modules are packed full of creativity - mind mapping, loads of blue sky thinking, branding strategy, social media content ideas, networking, collaborations, visualisations, a l'il bit of arts & crafts, clarity around your ideal clients & so much more.

Access to our private community FINDING FAME HUB (on Facebook) where Jessica is available throughout the programme to answer questions, offer support & share your wins ... & help with any fears/ set backs.

Workbooks to complete week on week with carefully curated exercises & funsheets, designed specifically to help you get the most out of each module. 

8 x LIVE weekly group Zoom call hosted by Jessica.

Weekly Q&A thread in the Finding Fame Hub for you to ask anything.

Bonus interviews & masterclasses with amazing talent & experts (with more special guests to be revealed) to support the training week on week. 

A pack of useful resources to help you get started.

All course content will be available in a shared online folder to return to at your leisure & offers lifetime access.

1 x final public speaking & pitching session + training

FINDING FAME (for Good) Spotify Playlist
The FINDING FAME (for Good) Banging Tool Kit - with my favourite meditations, mantras & more...
FINDING FAME (for Good) Jargon Buster directory & guide to all things media/ social media
Accountability Sessions 
Access to the private members Alumni HUB (at the end of the course), to join other talented FF graduates! 

An awesome community of people to support you PLUS a ready made ‘network'
And of course we love an after party, so get yourselves ready for our Closing Ceremony too!


Get directly in to the heads of talent & experts who understand & ARE the media

Feature Writing & Pitching Master Interview - Emily will take us from pitch to print & everything in between & teach us how to write a great feature.

Emily Phillips - Journalist, author, formerly features director at Grazia & acting Arts & Entertainment Director at ES Magazine

Masterclass - after a career in broadcasting Francesca works with celebrities & experts to improve their camera skills! With the rise in online video content, this interactive & juicy session will give you the tools to 'Shine on Screen' & connect with your audience. 

Francesca Kasteliz - TV Coach

Master Interview - We'll discuss Kimberley's career, life in the limelight & doing what you love combined with being a mother of three children, children's author, presenter & dance teacher

Kimberley Wyatt - Pussycat Doll, actress, author, dance teacher

Public Speaking Session & Workshop - Simone will offer her unique tried & tested top tips when it comes to being visible online & help you overcome your fears of public speaking.

Simone Tai - Ted X Speaker, Meditation Teacher & Public Speaking Expert

 Social Media Workshop - Mary will share easy to follow social media tips to help you build & grow your online community, focussing on creative ways to help you master impactful social media content that's engaging & brings value to your audience. 

Mary Mandefield - Content Creator Whizz

Master Interview with Alice & Francesca. We'll be talking all about what they look for when it comes to signing new talent & scouting opportunities. 
Clients include: Candice Brathwaite, Melissa Hemsley, Alex Stedman aka Frugality, Dr Alex George, Shona Vertue

Alice Russell & Francesca Zampi - Talent Agents & co-founder of Found Agency



“Jess is an absolute powerhouse in the media & tv industry. She knows everyone & everyone knows her - her bubbly energy is infectious in the best possible way (as is her laugh!) She is my go-to confidante whenever I need advice about my brand or media opportunities, & she is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Funny, warm & down to earth, she is one of the most supportive & switched on women I know, & I’m very, very lucky to get to call her a close friend.”

Persia Lawson, Dating & Relationship Coach & Author

"I came to Jess when I was still such a novice in the healing & wellness industry. Jess was my voice, my guide & my wing woman that got me going to where I am today. She got me publicly speaking at festivals, working with brands, leading workshops & my first meetings with publishers. But more than anything she taught me how to begin owning my talent & skill & to stand up & take my space in this world. Jess is one of my favourite most trusted people in this world & I couldn't recommend working with her more. I know I would not be where I am today without having met her"  

Nicky Clinch - Transformational Life & Health Coach & Author


There is no other programme out there like this, being taught by someone who has booked & cast talent for 20 years on a daily basis. 
Do not expect a 'traditional' coaching course because I'm not traditional coach. You get my full support, love & attention for the duration of the program. I will offer you guidance, advice, direction & a sprinkle of enlightenment thrown in for good measure. 
This is a group program where you will get personal & direct feedback from me.
This course will boost your confidence & help you reconnect to yourself & get clarity on why you’re doing what you do. This in turn will help you comfortably navigate this space & completely change your relationship with the word ‘fame’, wanting it for all the right reasons only.
I’ll be your ultimate cheerleading, media maven wingwoman & mentor all rolled in to one allowing full accountability & practical action steps. 

'Jessica got me & it was freeing to bounce ideas & thoughts around without feeling inhibited...great advice about honouring my story & talking about what lights me up'

Kate Moryoussef, Wellbeing & EFT coach, Presenter on Wellbeing Radio

'An hour spent with Jessica is inspirational, giving you so much to think about. Jessica 'gets' you so rapidly, asking the right questions in order to nail your needs while opening your mind to so many opportunities & directions you can go in. A great chance to invest in yourself & your future'

Vanessa Harbour, Author

'Following a consultation with Jessica I felt really motivated moving forwards with hopes & aspirations for my career development. She offers a strong supporting guiding & motivating light in helping me to navigate the media & how I wish to work alongside it'

Hannah Abrahams
Chartered Educational & Child Psychologist

'Jessica was able to help me clearly map out all my creative ideas to really drive my business to the next level. She made me really think about what I wanted & really encouraged me to go for it. Jessica kept asking me "what are you waiting for?" which really resonated with me'

Dani Tucker, Creative Event & Tablescape Styling 'The Social Kitchen', Author



Finding Fame (for Good)

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This is for you if you’re ready to take you & your brand to the next level, ready for ultimate visibility. This course will build your confidence, your trust & your belief in yourself.  I 100% believe in you. I will help you get out of your own way (& really get what that means!), push yourself outside of your comfort zone, open yourself up to endless possibilities & help you to create something powerful, effective & long lasting, with legs! All I ask of you is to be ready to dive in 100% & let me jump with you.   


This is not the course for you if you’re looking to be a ‘one hit wonder’, expecting a 'fast food' formula where I hand over my Little 'Bang' Book & you become an overnight sensation. I'm not saying that can't happen, but it takes time, work & thought. I promise I'll give you the building blocks that I know can work for you, if you're ready to let me help you. I'll provide a lavish three course meal, complete with amuse bouche & petit fours... so if you’re not ready to get stuck in & savour every bite & are just going to think, 'I've already tasted this before', then this probably isn’t for you. 


The course is 8 - weeks starting April 2021. I teach live for 60mins every Monday at 6pm. Masterclass & bonus expert sessions = 1 x week. Worksheets & Exercises are uploaded weekly for each Module. All content will be available via the Finding Fame HUB on Facebook.


This is not a traditional business course because I am not a traditional coach. I work with you to help bring your ideas to life. This is a chance to deep dive, do lots of internal work as well as the external - personal as well as professional. So whilst you will be thinking about growing your careers & businesses & focussing on the long game, to the very top level, we won’t be talking KPI’s & profit margins I'm afraid - bonus points if you had to Google those!

I can’t help it, I talk about the moon & the Universe a lot, because I absolutely believe in the power of intention, visualisation & believe you are destined for great things. But I also believe you have to do the work. So, whilst there are key practical steps you can take (& I’ll show you those) I will probably suggest a crystal or two, or an oil to help you expand your creativity. Bring an open, expansive mind!


Get ready to (humbly) brag - this IS for you. This is for each & every one of you who has ever thought, “I want my words printed in a magazine”, “I really want my book published”, “I’d love to be invited as a guest on THAT podcast”, “One day I will stand on stage giving my TED Talk”. Whilst I make no guarantees of ultimate stardom, scrap being ‘famous’ as something that’s not for you. Remember this is about helping you be more VISIBLE & having your voices heard so you get more clients & create more impact. That's it! 


You don't need to have a fully fleshed out business plan to do this. If you've got the seed of an idea that you believe has the space to grow but you don't yet know how to feed & nourish it, then this course will give you the right ingredients & daily TLC for it to be the tallest tree in the forest. 


When it comes to investing in yourself, here's how I think about it. Whilst it might not feel like the right time, ask yourself, when would be the right time? Honestly. What are you waiting for? Really. I can tell you from an industry perspective, that now more than EVER we need you. We are ready for new & exciting talent who can create original & exciting content, a fresh voice & powerful impact. I'm offering a 2 & 3 part payment plan this time around too. 

Ready to hear more? Let me support you. Get in touch & we'll set up a call.

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